It’s crucial to keep in mind that various countries and cultures worldwide have assigned superstitions and special meanings to particular flowers. The language of flowers is interpreted differently across distinctive traditions.This is why you should be careful not to confuse the message you are trying to convey by choosing the wrong flower, as this could turn out disastrous whether it was for business or cross-border romance.
People give flowers on different occasions to signify various emotions. In the United Kingdom and China, poppy flowers are used in remembrance of the fallen soldiers. In India (and most places worldwide), roses are thought of as romantic and a sample of love while the lotus symbolizes divinity and triumph of good over evil. Numbers also matter! In Europe and Russia flowers are given in odd number because even numbers signify sympathy and funerals. In other countries, giving flowers in an even number represents a positive message. A single flower is generally reserved for lovers. In the U.S, a dozen flowers are customary and appropriate. Number 13 is considered unlucky almost everywhere while number 4 in parts of Asia signifies death.
The type of flower and its color carries a significant meaning in the language of flowers. In Chinese culture, red flowers represent luck and fortune. Muslim and other Pacific Rim countries reserve the white color for funerals. Red flowers such as red roses symbolize life and happiness in Asia whereas, in Mexican folklore, a red carnation can cast a spell while a white chrysanthemum lifts spells. Any other white or red flowers would do for the spell.

Flowers play a significant role in our lives as they have a wide range of meanings in various cultures from love to sympathy, congratulations, and professional courtesy.
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