Did you know that flowers in the workplace can increase your productivity? Look around and tell yourself what you see on your desk. Laptop, folders, tone of papers and number of pens? Looking at them is so tiring and boring, and doesn’t bring you any encouraging feelings. But a presence of flowers can fill your aura with positive emotions.
Simple flowers can bring a lot of benefits for your working atmosphere. Flowers leave a huge impact on employee’s health. Multiple studies indicate that flowers can increase well-being by 47% and productivity by 38%. And the best thing is that you don’t even have to lift a finger to enhance your workplace. The TFE, The Flowers Express can provide you with fresh, colorful flowers that will make your office look beautiful. And a wonderful combination of flowers and French Macarons would bring even more happiness to your working day. Enjoying delicious, exquisite macarons and feeling tender flower smell will reduce your negative thinking, while energizing your brain and giving you courage to accomplish more and more tasks.

Flowers can also boost your creativity. Personnel who surround themselves with flowers have an ability to promote idea-generation. They demonstrate more innovative thinking as well as creative problem solving. Employees have also noticed that they experience and increased sense of friendliness, happiness, playfulness and general satisfaction of their work.
A process of adding humble flowers to your workplace could be so easy, while making a huge difference in any business environment. It will lift up your mood and elevate your professional productivity, making your office more comfortable and attractive too. #flowersexpress #flowersatwork #freshflowers #flowerdelivery #flowerdeliveryph #flowersexpress